Diet According to Your Genes

    Diet for Genetic Problems

    A genetic disorder or problem is caused by a mutation or change, in an individual’s DNA. And the disorders are oftentimes passed down in generations. However, it is not necessary that everyone with a genetic condition in their family will experience the disorder or its symptoms.The cause of the mutation or change can be an error in DNA replication or due to environmental factors, such as exposure to radiation.The 5 most common genetic disorders are Sickle Cell Anemia, Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs disease, Down syndrome, and Thalassemia. And there is a wide range of genetic disorders, each causing various symptoms. Even though most of the genetic disorders are still incurable, their symptoms and conditions can be managed through proper care and treatment.The role of diet in the management of genetic problems is irrefutable. Therefore, we came up with several diet plans that promote a healthy diet based on your genes, to help you lead a healthy and better life!!!

    Tabletshablet Diet plans for People with Genetic Disorders

    Tabletshablet in collaboration with an Expert Nutritionist, Dr. Megha Jaina, who has been in this field for over a decade now, created different diet plans for people with genetic disorders. These plans includes diet based on your genes problems and error, to help you manage your problem through healthy diet and nutrition. And what makes our diet plans different from others is that they are customized, i.e., they are made keeping in mind your personal profile and health issues. Also, along with the diet plan, we offer healthy recipes for you to try that are friendly to your diet plan. So, hurry up and Grab our diet plans for genetic problems and see the results happening for yourself!!!

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