TabletShablet Diet Page welcomes you all. We hope that you have a productive and healthy experience with our diet plans. Stay tuned with us to embark on a journey to healthy lifestyle and you being fit and healthy.We believe that diet and nutrition play a very important role in promoting good health and overall wellness.

People nowadays have understood how their unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles is affecting their own health. So now, they are reaching out to professional help from Nutritionists to get their diet on track.

With that thought in mind, TabletShablet have come up with a wide range of diet plans to solve the common health concerns people are facing these days.

Each of these healthy diet plan is created in collaboration with an Expert Nutritionist, Dr. MeghaJaina, who has been doing this great work for over a decade now.

But what makes our Diet plans so different from others?

The fact that our diet plans are customized according to the person’s personal profile, health concerns, gives the user a fully personalized experience.

And we not just there!!!

A diet plan user will get regularly updated with healthy recipes and blogs full of necessary information. So, you get a deep insight not only of your diet plans but also to your health conditions.


Introduction to Our Diet Plans

To promote healthier lifestyle in the society and encourages people to let go of their unhealthy eating habits, our diet food planshelps guide people to the healthy direction.

Our diet page includes 8 different diet plans, which are Diet Plans for Diabetic Patients, For PCOD Patients, For Kidney Patients, For People with Genetic Problems, Diet Plan for Obese Children, For Anti Ageing Treatments, Diet Plans for Weight Gain and Loss, and Reverse Diabetics Plans.

The purpose of these different diet plans is to let people with these health issues manage their health and well-being more efficiently, and stay healthy.

These plans include:

  1. Diet Plans for Diabetic Patients

The diabetes diet plan are created to let the person keep their blood sugar levels in control and enjoy healthy eating.

So, they serve as a personalized diet plan that helps in your diabetes management.

  1. Diet Plans For Kidney Patients

These are kidney friendly diet plan that lets you know what to eat and what not to ensure the proper functioning and health of your kidneys.

They are customized according to your kidney problem and serves as the best diet plans for kidney patients.

  1. Diet Plan for Obese Children

Our diet plan for obese children gives you a complete insight as to which food to let your kid eat and which ones to avoid. Letting you know what the healthy foods for children with obesity are.

  1. Diet Plan For PCOD Patients

These diet plans PCOD patientincludes what to eat and when to eat it and what foods to avoid, including healthy recipes.

  1. Diet Plan for Weight Loss/Gain

Both gaining and losing weight is a very difficult task that doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye and demands serious efforts.

With these diet plans, you can achieve your desired weight goals in a healthier way!!!

  1. Diet For Genetic Problems

These diet plans includes diet plan made according to your genetic problems and error, to help you manage your problem through healthy diet and nutrition.

  1. Reverse Diabetics Plan

Our reverse diabetics diet plansare based on the concept of managing the person’s blood sugar levels as well as weight, with the help of proper diet.

  1. Anti-Ageing Treatments

These anti-ageing treatments include diet and nutrition tips and meal plans to improve a person’s skin health and delay the Ageing process.

Explore our diet page and start your journey to better health!!!


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