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  • The information furnished on the website including the text , graphics, images and any other matter which is provided on the website is solely meant for informational purpose. The information provided is by no means a substitute for professional advice of a healthcare provider. The major aim of the diet section is to broaden the customers knowledge and understanding of a healthy living.


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  • Our customers are advised that the information shared on the website through different medium including the text , graphics, images etc. do not constitute as medical advice and is solely meant for informational purpose. The information provided is by no means a substitute for professional advice of a healthcare provider or an expert advice of a physician.
  • com takes no warranty , either implied or expressed regarding the accuracy of the content and its usefulness to the individual. The directors and employees of tabletshablet.com are in no way liable for any harm or damage which could have resulted due to the use of the information provided on the website.
  • The products and services available on tabletshablet.com does not imply that they are recommended or endorsed by tabletshablet.com
  • As we all know that no two individuals are the same and the same holds true for their nutritional needs and also the do’s and don’ts are unique to each individual.
  • The customer is advised that the responsibility of any decision taken in regards to your health is to be the sole responsibility of the individual. Since the results of weight management are dependent on numerous factors like dedication and desire of the consumer to achieve a particular goal, the results may vary from person to person and we cannot guarantee success of a plan or achievement of a particular weight loss or weight gain goal.
  • The success of any health-related plan or service is dependent upon numerous variables like dedication, commitment, the geneticprofile ,medical history besides other factors. The results may vary from person to person and Tabletshablet takes no responsibility of the failure of any plan and customer will accept the underlying risk that results may vary on an individual basis . The consumer or reader is advised there he shall take full responsibility for the consultation he seeks regarding his or her health concerns and nutritional needs before he embarks on a journey of weight loss or weight gain by selecting any diet plan.
  • The writers, the publishers and the owners and other employees should not be held responsible for any adverse consequences arising out of the use of information provided on the website.
  • Tablet tablet.com and it’s team aims to provide information with accuracy and simplicity for easy understanding of its readers through different mediums .However ,by accepting the terms and conditions of the website, it is understood that the consumer has voluntarily accepted to use the information the product and the plan provided on the website and that the customer is solely responsible for the outcome arising from the usage or the product or service.
  • The consumer also acknowledges and takes full onus and responsibility of the health and wellbeing of self and of people related in anyway and that the consumer takes full responsibility of the decision taken pertaining to his/her health – now and in future too.

Terms And Conditions

  • Tabletshablet’s customised diet plans have been designed to provide dietary consultation for disease management and enhancement of the general well-being of an individual. However keeping in my the unique attributes of each individual and his preference and lifestyle ,the results may vary and hence cannot be guaranteed.
  • The results may vary as per age, lifestyle, gender and physical activity level.
  • The subscription fee is non-refundable and cannot be extended under any circumstances. The responsibility of failure to timely avail the benefits of the membership plan lies solely with the member and the membership is non-extendableafter the time line is expired.
  • Customers are advised and requested to register with a clear understanding that Tabletshablet.com is not to be held responsible for any deviations from the goal or non-achievement of the targeted goal.
  • The membership is non-transferable and under no circumstances will it be transferred to any other family member ,relative or friend.
  • The subscribers are advised to keep in regular touch with the nutritionist to get best results.
  • Any gaps due to any reason like a family function, or vacation or irregularities resulting due to any reason will not be adjusted later, or after the timeline has expired.
  • A 24 hours window is provided to re-evaluate your decision to buy a particular plan during which you can cancel if you decide, after 24 Hours no cancellations will be entertained.
  • The customised diet plan will be delivered through mail on the third day of the confirmation.
  • The consumers are expected to share their medical conditions, allergies to any particular ingredient with complete honesty and transparency to avail best results and achieve the targeted goals.
  • The success of any diet plan will solely depend on your dedication and the sincerity with which you follow the instructions and the information given by the dietician . Even a minor deviation from the plan may not give you the desired results.
  • This subscription to any diet plan and any package as shown on the website is non-extendable non-refundable and non-transferable .The timelines mentioned will not be extended beyond the given period.
  • The website will not be held responsible for you not having completed the plan in the given time period.
  • You are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully before enrolling for any product or service.


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